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Dream Life (2021)

 10 Episodes  |  22 min   |   Language: English  |  Executive Producer: Serena De Comarmond

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This season follows Serena, her business partner Amber &

her team of LA hustlers as they set up their new business,

"The Love Academy" & bring the talk show, "Hollywood

Disclosure" to life. It's a race against the clock as Serena &

Amber try to move to Los Angeles, create content for The

Love Academy, close deals, organize a launch party & on

top of it all, make sure that Serena films all of the

interviews for her talk show with celebrities including

Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Corey Feldman, Deepak Chopra,

Colin Egglesfield & Daniel Goddard.

The show follows Serena, Amber and their amazing team

of staff & friends as they set about the momentous task of

opening a new business & filming a talk show, all whilst

they try to find love, gain celebrity status and hustle their

way to the top, in Hollywood.

CAST: Serena De Comarmond, Eden Sassoon, Amber Renae, Corey Feldman, Daniel Goddard, Tara Reid, Deepak Chopra, Caityln Jenner. 


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