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Beverly Hills Glow Up (2021)

22 min   |   Language: English   |  Producer: Serena DC  |  Executive Producer: Thomas Ashley

Beverly Hills Glow Up - Sizzle Reel - Web
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Beverly Hill is the mecca of plastic surgery. Dr. Ben, Dr. Rob and their team at the Beverly Hills Centre are ready to change some lives! For the first time, Dr. Ben & Dr. Rob are opening up their

plastic surgery centre to the world, on a quest to share

with viewers the life changing transformations that their

patients experience when they go under the knife at The

Beverly Hills Centre. World renowned for the dramatic and astonishing physical transformations Dr. Ben & Dr. Rob have achieved for their clients, the doctors want to share the message that whilst it may seem like an easy option, plastic surgery can be very hard on the bodies, mind's and souls of their patients.

CAST: Dr Ben Talei, Dr. Robert Cohen

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