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Watch it KID!
Watch it Kid TV Logo

Hey Watch it Kid! All those distracted minors walking around out there can sure be a hazard! Watch it Kid offers up super cool anime, cartoons and live action, movies and TV for kids big and small! Tired of watching Frozen for the 47th time (Yup we were counting) Watch it Kid really offers up something different in a fun, safe environment. So check out our free ad supported TV channel and movies on demand, or skip the ads, become a member and Watch it ad free!

Watch it SCREAM!
Watch it Scream Logo

We get it, there are a lot of horror services out there, but do they make you scream? A seasoned horror fan like yourself … Probably not. There is a lot of great horror, from some amazing creators, unfortunately, most of it can be hard to find or just too hardcore for the big guys. We aspire to bring you a diverse mix of the very best this genre has to offer from around the globe. We know that many of you have subscription fatigue, while we hope that you sign up for our ad free service as that helps us keep the lights off , we don’t want to keep you from this great collection, so feel free to enjoy our ad supported TV channel and on demand content. This isn’t space, we can hear you scream!

Business Rockstars TV

Welcome to Business Rockstars and Entrepreneur TV. A rich resource for business leaders and Entrepreneurs to access content and information critical to todays thought leaders and executives. Business Rockstars brings industries top CEO’s to a device near you to discuss todays most pressing issues in business, finance, management, marketing, growth strategy and a whole host of other topics to help young Entrepreneurs and the seasoned exec navigate todays ever evolving business environment.


There is an entire universe of content out there, with thousands of services competing for your attention we wanted to create a Galxy just for you. All the X’s and Y’s out there now have a home, your interstellar oasis to discover film and TV from creators with a vision beyond the ordinary. It’s your Galxy, and you choose the rules, watch our free ad supported channels and on demand content or join the alliance for an ad free experience. This Galxy belongs to everyone, so if there is something you would like to see please let us know!


FLIXFLING is the easiest & most flexible streaming movie and music service. Subscribe or Pay As You Go - You Decide!


Unlimited Movies and Music for One Low Price*

* Thousands of movies and songs included in free trial. Certain premium titles require an additional fee.

Cine Pride
Don't Tell

We know you love your streaming service, after all, they have been there for you through think and thin. Even that time your girl just wasn't down to Netflix and chill... Netflix was there to just chill with you anyway. We understand that even the strongest relationships can grow stale, and that sometimes, well, sometimes you just need a little strange. That is what Don't Tell is all about. A safe place for you to explore other streaming options and get a little strange. There is a Galxy of options out there. Let Don't Tell be your source to discover new end exciting streaming options to reignite that fire in your loins. Don't worry our lips are sealed.


Award winning LGBTQ cinema, from critically acclaimed dramas to underground cult hits.

El Conflicto Free Court TV
El Conflicto logo

Admit it, if you could watch Judge Judy 24/7 you wouldn't leave your couch. El Conflicto, does if even better! Court TV 24/7 streaming or on demand and en español.

Fright Flix

Cult Horror, Sci-Fi and Grindhouse features that deliver shivers!

Dungeon TV

Follow the life and stories of 6 Dungeons and Dragons role-players in the early tide of an interactive war.


Get ready to hit the slopes! Slopes is the world's first magazine style, snow, ski and snowboard channel


The XFC is the largest independent MMA organization in the world, it is also the only publicly traded MMA organization which is truly owed by the fans.