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Distribution with Invincible

Choosing the right distribution partner for your film or short is never an easy process  a great deal of trust is placed with your distributor, and its hard to know upfront if you're making the right decision. At Invincible we try to take as much anxiety out of this process as possible by giving, our filmmakers flexibility in choosing a distribution path that works best for them. We have two primary distribution options for our filmmakers to choose from, Direct Acquisition and Distribution as a Service. 

Direct Acquisition

Direct Acquisitions at Invincible are a more traditional distribution process. Projects are submitted and evaluated by our acquisitions team. If we think the project is a good fit, we will make an offer, this can include an upfront advance payment. Films will be released with a traditional windowed schedule, allowing for pitches to streaming services like Netflix, as well as a potential theatrical window, followed by Home Entertainment (DVD and Blu-Ray) with a concurrent Cable and Digital VOD/EST window, with television and SVOD to follow. These types of deals have longer terms and Invincible will hold exclusive distribution rights during that period. 

Distribution as a Service

Sometimes a Direct Acquisition may not be a good fit or not desirable to you the filmmaker, but you still may want to leverage the resources at Invincible to place you film on certain platforms or services that you would not be able to access on your own. In such cases Invincible's Distribution as a Service option could be a great fit for you. This service give you access to DVD and Blu-Ray distribution and manufacturing, along with guaranteed placement on many popular streaming platforms.  Invincible charges a one time fee of $650 along with a 10% royalty to set up your film in our system. This fee includes set up and QC (Quality Control), creation of closed captions and transcoding. This is mandatory as many of the services require closed captions and delivery in a set format. This fee also includes delivery to Amazon, FlixFling and Galxy TV. Delivery to other services such as iTunes, Fandango, Tubi, Pluto TV, and others  can be made for an additional fee. For a full menu or services and fees please Contact Us. Some common questions we receive are " If I am paying a fee for you to deliver my film to these services, why do i need to pay a royalty?" The fees we charge really cover our cost to create the proper delivery assets as well as delivering the film. The royalty covers our ongoing accounting costs to create your reports and issue payments as well as earn a profit. Film Makers. "why does it cost more to deliver to some services that others"  Simply, some services have stricter delivery requirements that require us to use 3rd parties to handle delivery of assets, these costs are passed down. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Submit your Film

Invincible offers two programs for filmmakers seeking distribution of their films, Direct Acquisitions and Distribution as a service. Let us know what program you would like us to consider for your film. For more information on each program Contact Us. If your film has been previously released on any digital platform or on DVD or Blu-Ray you must choose Distribution as a Service. 

Distribution Service Type
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