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Dork Hunters & the Pirates of Tortuga (2010)

63min   |   Language: English   |  Producer: Allen Bohbot, Stuart Evans, Rick Ungar   | Director: Rick Ungar

Key Art_Dork Hunters and the Pirates of
Dork Hunters and the Pirates of Tortuga Island
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The Dork Hunters visit tropical Tortuga Island on their summer vacation, unaware that the Dork Commander and his second-in-command are at the same resort in search of a buried treasure chest full of micro-galaxies. The vacation soon turns into an adventure as the Dork Hunters are captured by pirate dorks and ghost pirates led by the one and only Captain Davy Jones. The race is on for the Dork Hunters to retrieve the stolen treasure chest and return the galaxies to safety!

CAST: Gary Martin, Alan Marriott, Larissa Murray, Stefan Ashton Frank

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