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Dot & Spot's Magical Christmas Adventure (1996)

23min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Allen Bohbot, Ralph Sorrentino, Paul Vitello  |  Director: David Schwartz

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Dot and Spot's Magical Christmas Adventure
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Christmas Eve… As the Marshall family settles into their new home in the woods, strong winds force Santa's sleigh to make an emergency landing nearby. 7yr old Ryan Marshall hates his new home and not even the family's pet Dalmatians, Dot & Spot, can keep him from wishing he was back in the city, but only Dot and Spot can save Santa! And only with the help of Ryan and his sister Robin. Will the magic of Christmas rescue Santa in time to save Christmas?

CAST:  Debi Derryberry, Cam Clarke, Anndi McAfee,

Adam Wylie, Jeff Bennett, Ellen Gerstell, Earl Boen

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