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House of the Rising Sun (1987)

86min   |   Language: English   |  Producer: Ron Altbach, A.J. Cervantes, Giovanna Nigro-Chacon  | Director: Gregg Gold

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House of the Rising Sun
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Janet is a young, attractive and ambitious reporter for a major Los Angeles paper. A chance meeting with Corey, a high-class call girl, presents an opportunity to do a major story. Under cover, Janet enters the "House" run by Louis and her expose turns into an investigation of a psychopathic murderer and his blackmail operation. Although Janet is easily charmed by Louis, she soon discovers that Louis is quick to permanently silence women who cause him trouble. After Corey's sudden disappearance, Janet realizes she knows too much and she must quickly escape before she, too, is silenced.
HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN takes you to the sordid, dark side of Los Angeles where beautiful women and powerful men play a deadly game. Realistic performances, superb photography and the sizzling music of today's hottest performers make this an upbeat film of the 80's!

CAST: Frank Annese, Jamie Barrett, Tawny Moyer, Deborah Wakeham, James Daughton, John J. York, Melody Munyon,

David Knoller, Jeff Leach, Scott Davis, Mark S. Porro, Bud Davis

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