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Legend of the Dragon (2006)

29 Episodes  |  22min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Allen Bohbo, Tom Tataranowicz, David Freedman, Rick Ungar

Director: Tom Tataranowicz, Stuart Evans, Tom Sito, Rich Arons

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Legend of the Dragon
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China... A Land of ancient mysteries and modern wonders. In a world where old meets new, dark meets light, the universal balance of Yin and Yang is held in harmony by "The One"... The Golden Dragon.  The guardian of the temple has passed on and a new Golden Dragon must be chosen from a brother and sister, twins born in the Year of the Dragon. Only one will be chosen. Their sibling bond tested. One will defend the temple from the evil Zodiac Master... the other lured to join this lord of the darkest Yin in a quest to destroy the 12 lost Temples of the ancient Chinese Zodiacs... and their Guardian Warriors. One young boy's quest for courage and self-discovery shall decide the fate of the world as we know it... And a legend shall be born... The Legend of the Dragon.

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CAST: Gary Martin, Larissa Murray, Dan Russell, Alan Marriot, Lucy Porter, Marc Silk

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