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Lost in the White City (2015)

91min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Moti Adiv, Gil Kofman  |  Director: Tanner King Barklow, Gil Kofman

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Lost In The White City
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Kyle and Eva are American art school students in the midst of a tumultuous breakup. In an attempt to rebuild their relationship and recharge their artistic inspirations, they retreat to Tel Aviv. Amongst the tense political environment, the couple parties and crumbles just as the people and city around them do the same. When Avi, a soldier fresh out of the Israeli army enters their lives, he drives a creative and romantic wedge between Kyle and Eva's already fragile existence. The three go down a self-destructive path as political strife simmers around them.

CAST: Haley Bennet, Thoma Dekker, Bob Morley

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