Nights in White Satin (1987)

98min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Ron Altbach, A.J. Cervantes, Giovanna Nigro-Chacon, Patricia A. Sonsini

Director: Michael Barnard

When her friend, a social worker, is killed in a drive-by shooting, the young Lisa is thrown out of track: she lives on the streets of L.A. There she's found by the successful photographer Walker Jordan, who's working on a new image book featuring homeless persons. He takes her home in his stylish studio, makes her his assistant... and eventually falls in love with her. Is she ready again to return such feelings?

CAST: Kip Gilman, Priscilla Harris, Michael Laskin, Kim Waltrip,

Connie Sawyer, Diane Manzo, Dina Ousley, Howard Rosenberg, Candace Walters


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