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Pandora (2022)

88min   |   Language: English   |  Producer: Esther Gonzalez Munoz  | Director: Carl Whiteley 

Trailer coming soon.

Haunted by his past, Ray  is a washed-up musician with nothing left to live for. His estranged relationship with his daughter keeps him going. Plagued by insomnia Ray drinks to numb the flashbacks of another life; a life that had a future, where a daughter loved her father, where his wife lived on. Determined to change before he loses Joanna too, Ray takes Pandora, a mysterious sleeping pill from the dark web. Ray wakes to a nightmare he could never have imagined. From the shadows of Ray's tormented life now come new demons. Demons that are not in his head. Demons that want revenge. 

CAST: Philip Broadbent, Lydia Lakemoore, Loanne Mitchell, David McClelland

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