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Prey of the Chameleon (1992)

91min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: April Campbell Jones Lance H. Robbins, Ron Rothstein |  Director: Fleming B. Fuller

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Prey of the Chameleon
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J.D. returns to his small Texas hometown where four years ago he left Carrie at the altar. She's now a deputy sheriff, and she's not happy to see him. He soon has a job offer in Bakersfield, so he's off to California with Carrie telling him not to come back. Late that night he stops to help a woman whose car has broken down, and soon he's both her protector and her lover, little realizing she's an escaped mental patient - a serial killer who adopts the name, dress, gestures, and mannerisms of her latest victim. As they head toward California, she leaves a trail of bodies. The FBI, with help from Carrie, is on the tail of the lovers. But is J.D. her next prey?

CAST: Daphne Zuniga, James Wilder,

Alexandra Paul, Don Harvey, Red West

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