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Fall is a beautiful childrens story about friendship and love, told through the life of a leaf. Bud has many strange friends on his tree: Mr Bark, Caterpillar and Elmer, but he has a special place in his heart for Holly. When Fall arrives and Holly finds herself swept from their tree, does Bud have the courage to Fall with her? The writer and illustrator both accomplished in their respective careers, also share another simularity, they are brother and sister. Fall is their first collaboration together. About the Author:Tom Ashley is a filmmaker and entrepreneur based in the Philadelphia area. He loves being a father and sharing inspiring stories with his son Parker and wife Danielle.  Tom enjoys discovering new perspectives on life and nature. About the Illustrator:Lauren Ashley was discovered as a wee young one whilst floating adrift a shell in the Barnegat Bay. Lauren grew with the benefit of wonderful adventures alongside her many siblings, all be they slightly feral. Lauren now enjoys the family life down in South Jersey with three wonderful children and a magical man.

Fall A Leaf Story

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