Skysurfer Strike Force (1995)

26 Episodes  |  22min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Allen Bohbot

Director: Katsumi Minokuchi, Walt Kubiak

Follow the adventures of Jack Holister, an extraordinary skydiver who leads a group of vigilante crime fighters known as the Skysurfer Strike Force. Jack's mission is to seek out and defeat the robotic Cybron - a man with a computer for a brain who may have played a sinister role in the mysterious death of Jack's scientist father. The Skysurfers battle Cybron using anti-gravity skyboards that fly on their own rocket power. Join this group of daredevils as they soar the skies at breakneck speeds and perform amazing acrobatic feats in their battle for justice.

CAST: David Kaye, Venus Terzo, Paul Dobson

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