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Ultimate Book of Spells (2001)

26 Episodes  |  22min  |  Language: English  |  Producer: Allen Bohbot, Stephanie Graziano, Nadia Nardonnet  |  Director: Kathi Castillo

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Ultimate Book of Spells
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Cassy, Vern & Gus are three gifted students who go to an enchanted school where they learn about magic and how to use it. One day they receive a strange book in the mail which is also enchanted and can talk. The book says his name is UBOS (Ultimate Book of Spells) and together they must journey to the center of the Earth to stop Zarlak a powerful wizard who is stealing all Earth's magic so he can ultimately escape his prison where he has been banished for many years. This begins a journey of a lifetime for the three students - one they will never forget.

CAST: Ron Halder, Cathy Weseluck, Janyse Jaud

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